Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast

#78 Soph Mosca - Newly Diagnosed

March 08, 2023 Dobie Maxwell & Sami Parker Season 1 Episode 78
Just My Type - The Diabetes Podcast
#78 Soph Mosca - Newly Diagnosed
Show Notes

In this episode of the Just My Type podcast, co-hosts Sami (type 1) and Dobie (type 2) are happy to welcome Soph Mosca, a digital content creator and influencer.

Soph got diagnosed less than a year ago and navigating a new lifestyle change in your early twenties is not quite easy.
For all of you who have recently got diagnosed, tune in to this week’s episode to hear how Soph has adjusted her life, learned diabetes management, and found an online community and platform for living with type 1 diabetes.

C’est la vie, baby!

Question of the pod: Who is your diabetes role model or celebrity idol?

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